Facility Rules

Premier Storage Property Owners, Inc.
Association Rules


The gate will remain closed 24/7. There will be summer and winter hours. All owners and renters are required to use a gate code or card swipe every time entering the facility. Upon leaving, owners must use their code or card again to insure the alarm is re-activated on their unit. Each time an owners card or code is used it will be logged on the gate system. For security reasons, it is recommended that owners do not give out their cards or codes to others.


No motor vehicle, trailer, camper, boat, or similar item, including bicycles, shall be permitted to remain on the property unless parked within the unit. Temporary parking in front of a unit shall be only for loading and unloading purposes. The temporary parking area located at the back of the facility may be used for short-term parking. The Association must approve a longer time period. Refer to Article XI, Section 6, for more details.

Speed Limit

The speed limit within the facility is 5 M.P.H.

Storage Use

The storage unit shall be used exclusively for storage uses. No activity, except passive storage shall be allowed. No condominium storage unit shall be used for the purpose of manufacturing, fabrication, sales, or any other form of business. No unit shall be used at any time, for living quarters or any residential use. Refer to Article XI, Section 1, for more details.

No Hosing Out of Units

No tenant shall hose out the inside of their unit. When units are hosed out, damage may occur to the contents of attached units. If damaged is caused in other units and you are found to be in violation of this rule, you can be held liable for the cost of damages as well as special assessment fine.


Upon the sale of a unit, or transfer of ownership, the seller must notify the Association, in writing with a Resale Notification Form, within 14 days after the change of ownership. The transfer fee for change of ownership is $50.00. All owners are required to have a copy of the Covenants, Conditions, and Restrictions, Bylaws and Rules. Please notify the Board of Directors or Management if you do not have copies to give to the new owners. Gate Cards are part of the sale and should be given to the new owner, by the seller, at the close of escrow. A replacement or additional Gate Card is $50.00.

Key Release

Owners wanting to have their keys released to any person or business must email us a signed copy of our Key Release Form. This protects both he Property Association and your valuables.


The owners of the units have the right to lease provided the said lease is made subject to Covenants, Conditions, and Restrictions, the Bylaws, and the Association Rules. Each owner shall be responsible for compliance of said owner's agent, tenant, guest, invitee, guest, lessee, licensee, and respective servants and employees. Each owner is responsible for notifying the Board of Rental information. Refer to Article XI, Section 13.


No signs whatsoever (including, but not limited to, commercial, political, or similar signs) which are visible from neighboring property shall be erected or maintained on any property except.

(a) Such signs as may be required by legal proceedings.
(b) Such signs the nature, number and location, which have been approved by the Board in advance.

The bulletin board located outside the management office may be used to advertise your unit for sale or rent. The sign of the individual sign hall not exceed 8 1/2" x 11", unless prior approval has been given by Board members. No signs are to be posted directly on the unit.


No animals shall be allowed to reside of be maintained in any unit. Refer to Article XI, Section 2, for more details.

External Fixtures

No external items such as, but not limited to television and radio antennas, flag poles, clotheslines, wiring, insulation, air conditioning equipment, water softening equipment, fences, awnings, ornamental screens, sunshades, shall be constructed or maintained on the property. Refer to Article XI, Section 3.

Utility Service

No lines, wire or other devices for the communication or transmission of electric current or power, including telephone, television and radio signals, shall be erected placed or maintained anywhere in or upon the property unless approved by the Board. Refer to Article XI, Section 4, for more details.

Temporary Structures

No temporary building or structure of any kind shall be used at any time for an residence on the property.

Outside Speakers and Amplifiers

No radio, stereo, amplifiers of any kind shall be placed upon or outside, or be directed to the outside of the building without prior written approval of the Board.


No repairs of any detached machinery, equipment or fixtures, including without limitation, motor vehicles, shall be made upon the property.

Unsightly Items

All rubbish, debris, or unsightly material or objects of any kind shall be regularly removed from the Condominium Units and shall not be allowed to accumulate. Refer to Article XI, Section 9.

Explosive and Flammable Items

No unit may be used for storage of any explosive or flammable substance, except as to petroleum products (gasoline or diesel). No other petroleum products shall be allowed to be stored on the premises except as contained in legally approved containers not to exceed 50 gallons per unit. No explosive devices of any nature may be stored within any unit. Refer to Article XI, Section 15.


No owner shall permit any unit to be used to contain any substance that emits noxious or offensive odors, toxic or otherwise, which may permeate or affect the use and enjoyment of any other unit. Refer to Article XI, Section 16.

Fire Hazards

No owner shall occupy, use, or store any materials in any unit to be occupied or used for any purpose which would increase the premium for fire insurance on the common areas over the normal rates applicable to mini storage facilities. Refer to Article XI, Section 17.

Compliance with Law

With the exception to the office unit, each unit shall be used and occupied solely for storage purposes. Refer to Article XI, Section 18.

Rules and Regulations

The Association shall have the power to make and adopt reasonable Association Rules with respect to activities, which may be conduct don the property. The Board's determination as to whether a particular activity being conducted, or to be conducted, violated or will violate such Association Rules shall be conclusive unless, at a regular or special meeting the Association, Owners representing a majority of the voting power of the Association, vote to the contrary. Refer to Article XI, Section 20.

The Board of Directors has the authority to impose penalties for CC&R, Bylaw, and Rule violations, following a due process procedure.

1st violation - Notice to Correct
2nd violation - $25.00 Special Assessment
3rd violation - $50.00 Special Assessment

The Board reserves the right to correct an offense or violation. All cost will be at the expense of the owner. These enforcement procedures are in addition to any other remedies set forth in the Declaration or elsewhere. Any violation as a result of non-compliance, the Board of Directors reserves the additional right to correct the violation and to special assess for all cost incurred as a result of curing the violation.

Complaint Procedure

Complaints regarding the management of the units and grounds, or regarding the action of other owners shall be handled in a 4-step process as described below:

Step 1. The complainant shall first attempt to resolve the problem by contacting the owner or individual the complainant deems responsible for the problem.

Step 2. If a resolution cannot be reached between the parties, the complainant shall inform the Board of Directors in writing about the problem and the attempts made to resolve the problem. The letter should reference the Declaration, Bylaw or Rule which has been violated, the individuals involved, and the date and time the violation occurred.

Step 3. The Board of Directors shall notify the owners in writing of the unresolved complaint. The owners shall have 2 weeks from the date of the Board's letter to respond to the issue. The owners response may be made in writing, by phone, or in person. The Board of Directors will determine a resolution to the complaint based on the information presented by both parties.

Step 4. In no response is received from the owner or individual who is subject of a complaint which involved a violation of the Declaration, Bylaws, or Rules of the Association, the Board of Directors is empowered by the state of Arizona to enforce the assessment fines against the owner who has violated the Declaration, Bylaws, or Rules. Such fines may be assessed up to $50.00 per violation or $10.00 per day for a chronic, continuing violation.

Association Dues

All dues are due on January 1st and delinquent January 31st of the year due. Late charges of $10.00 per unit plus 15% per annum will be applied after January 31st. Lien proceedings will begin April 1st each year, on units delinquent in association dues.

Each owner shall be responsible to insure compliance with these Rules, the Association's Bylaws, and CC&R's by their tenants, guests, and invitees.